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November 08, 2003

Atlanta Bread Company is billed as “a leader in the bakery café segment, offering guests consistently great food made from fresh, quality ingredients.” In some ways, they seem like a fancy fast-food restaurant. Food is counter-ordered and picked up, similar to a Schlotzsky’s Deli. However, ABC also has an on-site bakery with coffee service. The interior decor is also quite pleasing. With large comfy chairs and designer track lighting. They also have good seating for children. Their highchairs are new, plastic, and very easy to use.

On this date, we were served by Linda who was extremely helpful. She allowed us to sample a small quantity of one of the items before ordering; a quality of high-end restaurants where individual chef’s sometimes change the menu daily. 

We ordered a half sandwich (roast beef on rye), a “loaf of soup” (pasta fagoli), and a Caesar salad. The portions at ABC are always fairly large. While many people may not find a half-sandwich enough to fill up on, but combined with other menu items it is a fine addition. The roast beef at ABC is good, not too fatty, but is served cold. If you prefer hot roast beef, they will warm it in the microwave, but otherwise it comes as a cold cut. One of the signature items at ABC is the “loaf of soup.” It is a large piece of bread that has had a bowl shape cut into its center which is then filled with soup. The top portion that has been cut out becomes your dinner roll. Atlanta Bread has a weekly soup menu that rotates daily; i.e. there are Sunday soups, and Monday soups, etc. The Caesar salad is a large portion with fresh lettuce, powdered parmesan cheese, croutons (made from a variety of breads such as rye and pumpernickel), and comes with a small sourdough roll. Chicken can be added for a small additional charge. The Caesar dressing served with the salad is spectacular and is not to be missed. It is both rich and creamy, full of flavor, and will likely appeal to even those who have not been fond of other Caesar dressings.  On this day we had the chicken added to the salad. The chicken has a strong flavor, but is served cold on the salad. I did not particularly like the chicken on the salad because its strong flavor clashed with the dressing and because of it being cold. 

Total Price for this Meal : $16.71

Atlanta Bread Company
2160 W. Evans St
Ste 60, Florence Mall
Florence SC 29501

Hours of Operation:
Mon-Sat 6:30AM-9:00PM
Sun 7:00AM-6:00PM