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April 30th, 2004

Wholly Cow's history is this; "Rob and Laurie Kramer set out in 1985 to create the finest ice creams and frozen confections available in the Charleston Lowcountry. 19 years later, Wholly Cow ice creams have found their way onto the menus of fine restaurants, premium ice cream shops, and premier grocery stores in virtually every corner of the state. With the highest quality standards and a genuine emphasis on honesty and integrity, Rob and Laurie have remained true to their mission."

Some info on their Ice Cream; " In contrast to most ice creams, you won't find rBGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone) or other un-natural additives in Wholly Cow ice creams. Our creams also boast an ultra-rich 16% butterfat content and secret "handmade" recipes that greatly minimize air content, thus creating an incredibly smooth and creamy texture. For this, a pint of Wholly Cow ice cream "weighs" a good bit more that the average pint. In the ice cream business, "high density" is a true mark of quality. Rob and Laurie believe in treating their customers in the same way they like to be treated."

Sadly, we did not get the name of the gentleman who helped us today; but everything that I have seen of the staff, they are helpful, considerate, and kind. They enjoy making sure that you get exactly what you want, just the way you want it. Not only that, they also have reduced fat and no sugar ice cream to accommodate all of your ice cream desires.

We ordered a Kids Cup of their "Killa Vanilla" ice cream, a Sugar Cone with their "Georgia Peach" ice cream, and a Sugar Cone with their "Mint Chip" ice cream. The ice cream is just as billed, very smooth and rich. Their portions are not small, but can not be said to be larger than other ice cream shops either. In the "Georgia Peach" there are good sized pieces of peach that not only add to the flavor of the ice cream, but assist in proving that the ice cream more gourmet than most others. The "Mint Chip" has a good, sweet, minty flavor that is just perfect with the sweetness of the chocolate chips. "Killa Vanilla" is a sweet, yet not over powering vanilla that goes down smoothly.

Total Price for these Deserts : $6.96

Wholly Cow
2701 David McLeod Blvd.
Magnolia Mall Food Court
Florence, SC 29501

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