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Scientific studies on Pet Emotion
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High Tech Health Care for Pets

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Before getting a new dog or cat
 (Excerpt taken from here)

Ideally, if you're considering getting a pet, you should find a veterinarian you feel comfortable with, make an appointment and talk to him or her about what your family life is like, your time schedule, space -- including whether you have a backyard -- and how many kids you have. The vet may be able to recommend a suitable breed. 

 In the case of dogs, you can also ask the vet to recommend a dog trainer. "Most dog trainers will accompany you to a shelter or kennel or a rescue organization and help you find a nice, inexpensive, pound puppy that is a breed or a mix that would fit in your family," Gilchrist says. 

And the breed definitely matters, Harrell says. For one thing, pure-breeds tend to be more high-strung than mutts. And little dogs are often nippier, she says, adding, "There are some breeds that are absolutely prone to have problems."

Pet Training (downloads)
  • How to House Train your new puppy
  • How to Crate Train your new dog